Privacy Policy collects the data submitted by you to the website via our contact forms, in order to provide you with the information or service that you have requested. This means that we may keep your email address and name and any message that you have sent us, in order to be able to reply and to make sure that any future request from you is dealt with efficiently.

The only personal information retained by the website is the information you have given us, which is required to process your request – to ensure we can resolve any subsequent Customer Service issues.

As a Society, the committee member tasked with processing your request may use an international email service such as gmail or Hotmail to communicate with you. Both these services are committed to full compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Members of the Society are made aware that, when photographs of our events include them, they can request to have those photos removed or the photo blurred so they are not identifiable. Please use the contact form and a link to the image with the relevant information.

All members are sent emails with links to the latest newsletter on Society’s website on a regular basis, you can opt out of these emails by using the contact form or by contacting a member of the committee. The emails are not sent from the site as part of an automated process.

If you are a subscriber you can see what information is held by the website, about you and your activity, by allowing the site to send you an email to the address that you have used previously to interact with us, via the site, which should be inserted in the box below. The email you receive will give you a link to a secure page where you can see what, if any, information we hold about you. If the link you receive is blank, it means we are not holding any information on you.

You have the right to ask us to delete or remove the information that we hold. If you wish to contact us please use the contact form.