AGM 2016


AGM 2016 held on 18th February 2016 at the Sol y Mar Hotel, Calpe

18.00 First call.   Number of members present: 54

President, Tim Fawle, called the meeting to order at 18.35.

Apologies for Absence were received from:

  1. Sandra/Malcolm Baker
  2. Martin/Carole Bentley
  3. Kathy/Andrew Johnson
  4. John & Felicity Fitt
  5. Tim Ladd
  6. Caryl/Gordon Sellers                                               
  7.  Norman Easter
  1. Approval of 2015 Minutes

 The minutes from the previous AGM were approved unaltered and proposed for acceptance by Derek Hesslington and seconded by Joan Easter.

  1. Matters Arising


  1. President’s Report

Tim advised that AGM had moved from Jan to Feb in the past as a president had been unable to attend the January meeting. He advised that, in 2017, it will revert to January.

Members listening to the President's report

Members listening to the President’s report

In reviewing the past year as President of CBWS I can look back on a year of satisfaction. Gordon Sellars as with past Presidents handed the reins over to me with the Society in a good robust position. Having tasted in Gordon’s Presidency a variety of wines from new areas and adding to our knowledge of wines in Spain.

With our financial position very sound, Gordon set me the challenge of spending more funds in searching for high quality wines. I have to say that was a challenge I relished – always good to spend someone else’s money and put a smile on all our faces! With the great support of our Committee throughout the year we tasted some interesting wines.

My plan was to produce a varied programme of interesting topics and speakers as well as tasting some wines and areas that are new to us. The major benefit of a Wine Society like CBWS is to create the opportunity to taste wines that we would not normally buy and then to make up our minds as an individual on that wine and through our scoring of the wines, as a group see how we rate that particular wine.

So now to the programme of last year – February. As is the tradition with each incoming President I presented a choice of wines which I considered interesting and favourites together with a brief review on Wine Consumption in Spain and other countries. 60 attendees joined us at Café De Mar Moraira.

As part of the programme last year, and together with Gaby Ferenczy, the March tasting was a “Tutorial” on how we score the wines in CBWS. As there are quite a few new members we felt it was necessary to show them how to score the wines as well as a refresher for long-standing members. Wines tasted were sourced through a specialist distributor and were from Galicia and Malaga, small bodegas producing good quality wines. I think our skills on assessing wines has improved but as individuals you are the judge of what you score and how that compares with what you taste. 80 attendees.

April saw 66 people at Les Rotes where we enjoyed the presentation of the wines from Bodegas Toni Arraez from Utiel Requena and managed by Toni, 3rd generation of this family business. Again this tasting demonstrated the current innovation that is taking place in Bodegas “close to home” in the DOs of Valencia and Bullas.

May Wine Trip to Galicia

44 members enjoyed a very interesting trip to Galica, the first time CBWS has visited this DO. It was great trip with interesting wines and some grape varieties new to many of us such as Mencia and Godello which is fast becoming popular throughout Spain.

Galicia did not disappoint in cuisine and culture rich in both of those attributes and many of you now have or had our bodegas stocked with some great wines. Thanks to the Wine Trip Team for their organization.

May we had a great tasting from Bodegas Borsao in DO Campo de Borja a really interesting bodega producing top quality wines in a relatively unknown DO at Restaurante Cala Iaia with good scores from 64 attendees. I have always been a great advocate of José who is the biggest distributor of wines in the Provincia of Alicante. He knows his wines and is always ahead of the game in working with up and coming bodegas. Over the years we have been fortunate to have such a contact for each President to tap into. 66 attendees.

June saw a big attendance of 75 with our 4 Wine Tasters of the Year selecting interesting and in some cases expensive wines in our favourite summer location Puerto Blanco.

September was for me a most important tasting as I had managed to secure Jose Peñin of Guia Peñin to visit us This was a very interesting “Cata and Charla” ably assisted by Matthew Kane of Casa del Vino. The interesting takeaways from Jose were:

  • Nearly all wines produced in Spain now have a given standard and quality.
  • Low cost wines are seeing the supermarkets and smaller stores increasing their offering on a price quality basis and this is a good social drinking category.
  • We are seeing great quality wines from all areas where producers are using grapes up to 50 years old to produce some beautiful whites and reds and the rosados are improving annually in colour and palate.
  • Finally, the classics with vines upwards of 50 years offer great taste and are full bodied and are now available to drink earlier than they were several years ago. We can now enjoy wines 5 to 10 years from production. 114 attendees.

September was also tinged with sadness at the unexpected loss of James our secretary who I know would have enjoyed the Peñin evening. He is greatly missed by all of us and in his role as Secretary kept us all on the right path with his counseling and taking the minutes at our meetings.

October /Autumn Wine Trip to Manchuela

A two-day trip was organized by the Wine Trip Team to Manchuela a relatively unknown DO but producing some good wines. With an overnight stay in Alarcón, a cultural tour of that Pueblo and excellent food and wines our 41 members group enjoyed their visit.

October was also a great tasting at Abiss when I set the task to past Presidents Gaby Ferenczy, Keith Pacey, Gordon Sellars and Andrew Johnson to source a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon which was an outstanding year. Difficult to find but when we tasted them we were all well satisfied. Andrew presented 2 fruity whites which started the tasting well. 64 attendees.

November was at Cala Iaia with a nice little bodega from Jumilla presenting some interesting reds. The passion from the 3rd generation owner demonstrated again the enthusiasm to produce great wines on our door step.

December we finished the year with a Christmas tasting of wines tasted throughout the year in the lovely setting of Restaurante La Senia which was a Members Only event and provided an excellent ambience to taste great wines. I can see this venue being a favourite for December Tastings as those of you who attended commented.

January: So the final tasting of Whose wine was it Anyway? at Les Rotes Denia with 69 members was again a delightful event with the Bluffers, Gillian Ashworth, Tony Cabban and Gordon Sellars providing good entertainment between the tables. We selected wines which had been tasted over the past two years which tested most of us.

Now to other points:

Wine Taster of the Year was jointly won by Gaby Ferency and Andrew Johnson and they were presented with some nice wine. Someone has to beat them this year!

Wine Trip Team Members Gaby and Margaret Ferenczy have retired from the wine trip team and received a presentation of wine related items in recognition of the outstanding contribution they have given to making our Annual trips so enjoyable.

Venues and Menues

In summarizing where we have tasted our wines and the restaurants we have used this year I would like to think that most of you agree the standard of cuisine and the locations we have used have been good and outstanding in some cases. My only exception to that is The Parador in Jávea where they fell short by a long way in delivering the offering we were looking for as well as getting wines mixed up which should never happen. We have subsequently dropped them as they never seem to get it right despite various meetings.

We did start to pour wines ourselves in some locations and this has been done on occasions in previous years. Our Committee is all in agreement that that is the way forward so I think you will see that will happen this year. It gives us more control.

I must repeat we are not a Gourmet or 5 star Michelin Society, we are a Wine Group but our standards, as they should be, are more demanding, as we progress through the years.

In my year of Presidency, and I know in previous President’s years, the Venue and Menu Team is key to a successful evening. That team for the past 3 years has been Hugh & Gillian and they have done a great job. It is not easy and certain restaurants have their own systems of serving the food so Gillian & Hugh as well as the President have to get them to coordinate the arrival of the food with the wines at the same time ensuring a good efficient service and a nice flow to the evening.

If I look back over the 22 years we have been with the Wine Society we have progressed enormously. You can never please 100% of the people 100% of the time but we try. So Gillian & Hugh a big THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication – all of us very much appreciate it.

I would also like to thank Gillian for helping us out as Acting Secretary until this AGM – I very much appreciate this and thank you!

     The Committee

I have always stated the CBWS is a well-oiled machine of efficiency enabling our tastings to run smoothly. Our tastings are all about enjoyment and fun with your Committee working hard to achieve that.

Thanks to everyone , Shirley our Treasurer, Gaby our Webpage manager, Penny booking & scores, Sandy for managing the seating arrangements which enable us all to mix with fellow members through the year and also for her great help in supporting me as President and on the wine trips. Tony as Membership Secretary for managing applications and control of our membership. Our V & M team Hugh & Gillian who I have just mentioned and finally our Vice President John Sloggie who has stood in for me in my absence. I hope you will enjoy this year of your Presidency as much as I have.

  1. Membership Secretary’s Report

Tony Cabban reported that it was agreed at the last AGM that we should limit membership to 120 and that seems to have worked because almost all Members have been accommodated on trips and at tastings in the last 12 months, while at the same time we have not suffered from overcrowded events.

We currently have 8 people on the waiting list to become members and it is likely they will be able to do so due to existing members not re-joining.

Tony has contacted most of the people who have only attended one tasting to ask them to consider coming as guests and thus allow others to join who are keen to attend more frequently.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Shirley Sloggie reported that the Society had a healthy balance despite Tim’s best efforts to spend more this year.

Income of c. €2,500

Deficit €2,326

Surplus in 2014 was €783

Spent more on Sundries as new sound system needed replacing

Deficit for year €604

Cumulative surplus over €6,000+ in the bank                                                                                    

Handover between Presidents

Handover between Presidents

The final act of the outgoing President was to nominate John Sloggie as President, seconded by Keith Pacey.

John thanked Tim for the nomination and accepted the Presidency.

It was then incumbent upon him to thank Tim for a very successful year, due to his hard work and he presented flowers to Sandy and wine to Tim.

7-11  Election of Officers

The President advised that no new nominations had been received and therefore proposed, in the interests of saving time, to propose the new committee en-bloc As there was no dissention he proposed the people listed below and this proposal was seconded by Mary Anderton.

Vice President – Paul Nicholls

Treasurer – Shirley Sloggie

Membership Secretary – Tony Cabban

Secretary – Debbie Theophilus

Venues & Menus – Sue/Colin Donadio

Table plans/Bookings – Sandy Fawle, Penny Floodgate

Website – Gaby Ferenczy

12   Proposed Budget 2016

With 120 members, revenue will be about the same. Costs will be similar but it is diffuclt to budget the defecit on tastings as it depends very much on the generosity of bodegas.

13. Proposed Programme 2016

February:         President and Vice-President’s choices

March:              Cherry & Tony Cabban will present a selection of Vinos de Pago

April:                  Cala iaia will nominate the bodega

May:                  Bodega recommended by Casa del Vino

June:                 Puerto Blanco, Andrew and Kathy Johnson will present a horizontal and vertical tasting.

September:    Whose Wine is it Anyway? Caryl & Gordon Sellars

October:          The President, together with Casa del Vino will ask: What have these wines got in common?

November:     Cala iaia

December:      President’s choice with Tim Fawle, wines from the last Wine Trip

January 2017: AGM

All details on the website.

14. Appointment of Auditor 2016

 John advised that an auditor not required and, in the past, the accounts were reviewed by David Horne, who did the first six months of 2015 but then had to return to the UK. Keri Theophilus reviewed the second half of 2015 and is happy to do so again for 2016. This was accepted by the meeting

15. AOB

There was no other business

In closing the meeting John offered sincere thanks to members of the society who were not on the committee but were always willing to help out if asked with the arrangements for tastings and trips and also to make presentations to the members.  He also re-iterated Tim’s thanks to Gillian and Hugh.

The meeting closed at 19.25

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