AGM 2021

President’s Report 2020

This past year has resulted in many changes on how we operate due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The purpose of this brief review is to ensure you are well informed of our activities that have taken place in 2020.

It is not clear when we can organise a “Physical AGM” this year where members will be present so I am detailing some top line results of 2020.


Before the Lockdown we had two tastings in January and February. In January following the AGM some members of the Committee presented a favourite wine of their choice.

In February we invited the Sommelier from Michelin star restaurant Bon Amb in Javea to present a selection of the 1500 wines stocked in their restaurant.

With Lockdown and restrictions in place we organised On-Line tastings using Zoom. With the invaluable help from Neville Richardson a total of 7 Zoom tastings took place including an impressive Bodega presentation from Vinyes  del Terrer, Tarragona.

Additionally, as restrictions eased a little, in September two “Home Tastings” of 10 people per tasting were organised.

In summary, despite the absence of physical tastings, the online format proved successful with a hard core of members participating at each tasting.

Committee Members 2021

Membership Secretary – Ron Watson is unable to continue as Membership Secretary as he is taking up permanent residency in Oslo to be nearer his grandchildren. He will be in Spain for several months of the year so will attend CBWS tastings when possible. Our thanks go to Ron for his valuable contribution.

All other Committee members will continue in their current roles for this year and I thank them for that.

The Membership Secretary role will be absorbed into the Treasurer’s role and my thanks to Mike Granville for doing this.

In 2020 membership was 117 but by the end of the year we had 108 members.

CBWS Financial Position

A full audited set of accounts will be available at the time of the AGM.

Tim Fawle