April 2019

Dear members here is the April Newsletter for your information and action as appropriate.   Hope you find it of interest.

March Tasting

I welcomed 58 members and guests to the tasting at Restaurante El Cumbre where two of our members, Kathy and Andrew Johnson were presenting “A case of Mistaken Identity”.   They had chosen a selection of single variety wines and these were linked to the role of the highly specialised botanists whose job it is to identify grape varieties by sight as a result of a life time of experience.   This specialisation is known as Ampelography.    A more detailed report on the tasting can be found on the web site under “Tastings – Recent Tastings” or by clicking on March Tasting.

May Tasting

The May Tasting is a special event where we have a Guest Speaker Ed Adams an innovative Winemaker and Master of Wine who is coming over to Spain to talk to us. His theme is “Old world wine with a New world finish” This tasting will be at Les Rotes Denia and we want to make this a big event so please put May 16th  in your diary and invite some wine loving friends.  

April Tasting

Note. The April Tasting is on April 11tha week earlier than our normal 3rd Thursday of the month as Easter is that week.

The April tasting will be held at Restaurante Ca la Iaia and José is providing a bodega from A Catarla Todo.

Please remember that the booking deadline is the FRIDAY before the tasting.  If you have to cancel after the deadline you will still have to pay! Reservations and choice of main course please to: Penny Floodgate Tel: 965794996 or email: pennyfloodgate@gmail.com.   Reservations must be received no later than the deadline 12.00 noon on Friday 5th April.   Penny will always confirm receipt of your booking.  If you have made a reservation and do not receive a confirmation from Penny you are not booked, so in that case please check with her.



Jamdn lb6rico de Guijuelo con Foie de pato


Mullador de bonito



Pluma de cerdo lbdrico con dos salsas


Mujul con purd de remolacha y verduras

(Pescado de temporada de lonja de Moraira)


Tarta de Queso

Cost 35€ per member 40€ for guests

I will not be at the April Meeting which will be conducted by Vice President Tim Fawle.   Have a good meeting

Maureen Holliday, President