Home Tastings October 2020

At Home with the Richardsons

At home with the Fawles








The beginning of October saw the first two CBWS “At Home” Tastings which were designed to allow small groups of members to meet with each other and enjoy a structured wine tasting in safe surroundings.

The first tasting was hosted by Neville and Sara Richardson at their home and was attended by eight other members:  Caryl & Gordon Sellars, Paul & Carolynn Smithard, Tony & Cherry Cabban, Maureen Holliday and Gillian Ashworth.

The second tasting was hosted by Tim & Sandy Fawle at their home and was attended by:  Mike & Helen Granville, Martin & Veronica Dunkley, Andrew & Kathy Johnson and Penny & Ted Floodgate.

The theme for both tastings was “Do you get what you pay for?”  Six wines were offered:  two whites, two rosados and two reds, each pair from the same region and of the same grape variety.  The pairs were tasted together so that comparisons could be made.  This was a blind tasting, so all the bottles were covered and members were asked to identify the grape variety and region, if they could, but more importantly decide which of the pair was their preferred wine, and whether it was the higher priced wine.


Neville & Sara’s Tasting


White Pazo das Bruxas


Albariño Rias Baixas 2019 €11.10 2 Votes
White Lolo Albariño Rias Baixas 2019 €7.35 7 Votes
Rosado Aurora d’Espiells Pinot Noir Penedes 2019 €8.30 5 Votes
Rosado Jean Leon 3055 Pinot Noir Penedes 2019 €11.50 4 Votes


Vicente Gandia BO Bobal Unico Bobal Utiel- Requena 2017 €5.90 0 Votes
Red Murviedro Sericis Cepas Viejas Bobal Utiel- Requena 2017 €9.90 9 Votes


Of the White wines, members preferred the 2nd wine, which was also the less expensive.  It was the same result for the Rosados.  Wine number 6 came out as a clear favourite with the members, perhaps showing the popularity and familiarity with a decent Bobal.

Tim & Sandy’s Tasting

White Finca la Colina


Verdejo Rueda 2019 €9.90 7 Votes
White Oro de Castilla Verdejo Rueda 2019 €4.78 1 Vote
Rosado Caprasia Bobal Utiel-Requena 2019 €10.00 2 Votes
Rosado El Miracle Bobal Utiel- Requena 2019 €5.99 6 Votes


Mayor de Castilla Crianza Tempranillo Ribera del Duero 2016 €5.99 1 Vote
Red Abadia de san Quirce Crianza Tempranillo Ribera del Duero 2016 €14.32 6 Votes

The first white wine was felt to be more complex and therefore probably more expensive than the 2nd, although members felt the second wine was good value for money.  The 1st Rosado was generally marked lower than the 2nd in spite of its higher price tag.  The 2nd red received most votes for the best wine of the two, although some of the scores from members were quite close, which was surprising in view of the large price difference.

In conclusion, as always, wine appreciation is shown to be very much a personal preference, but also should not be guided or influenced by the price tag on a bottle.  There are many good wines on the market at very reasonable prices.

Feedback from all members was that they thoroughly enjoyed this New Normality for wine-tasting, as well as the opportunity to meet again with old friends and enjoy the tapas and lunch which followed the tasting.  Further At Home tastings will be arranged in the future, always bearing in mind the need to be in well ventilated, open surroundings with groups of no more than 10 people.