March 2016

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Dear Members,

I am delighted to be writing my first newsletter since my election as President.   Together with my new committee I look forward to an enjoyable year of tastings in your company.

February Tasting: This tasting which was held at the Restaurant Abiss in Calpe, an established favourite venue for the Society, followed on immediately from the Annual General Meeting and was attended by 57 members.   At this meeting, as well as presenting some of my own favourite wines, I also invited our new VP Paul Nicholls to present two of his favourites. Between us we presented two white wines and three reds. A report on the tasting can be found on the web site by clicking on Tasting at the Abiss.   The cost of each wine, where it can be purchased and average score given by members is also shown on the web site and can be found by clicking on the list of Wines Tasted in 2016.

Committee Meeting: I held the first meeting of the newly elected committee on 22nd February.    We discussed the practice of staff placing the wine on each table to then be served by a member on that table. This system works well and we will adopt it at more of the tastings.

As a trial the money for the February tasting was collected by one member at each table. This approach does away with the scramble which always takes place as members arrive and wait to pay. This appeared to be well received and it was agreed to try this again at the March meeting. Please don’t forget though you still have to see Sandy and Penny on arrival to get your table number and place cards.

At the Abiss I asked members if they would add any comments on the venue, requests, suggestions etc to the reverse of their score sheet. This idea appeared to be well received and elicited a number of helpful comments.

I know that we have a small number of members who are unable to drink red wine. Over the past year Tim and I have made it known at each tasting that, if you are one of these people, there will be some extra white wine available so you can enjoy a further tasting of that. Just to clarify – this extra tasting of white is only offered to those who cannot drink red and is not a general option.

Finally, we are always looking for suggestions, comments and new ideas. Please feel free to scribble any comments on the back of your score cards or contact me directly. My email address is or phone 696 052 380. I will always be happy to hear from you.   

Wine Trip: Final cost and payment details will be issued by Sandy in the next couple of weeks to all participants.

Subscriptions:   We will assume that those members who have not paid their 2016 subscription by March 20th do not wish to rejoin the Society.

News Flash: There is a News Flash item on the web site.

March Tasting

The March tasting will be held at the La Senia Restaurante in the Hotel Nou Roma in Denia on Thursday 17th March. The presenters are our members Cherry and Tony Cabban who will be presenting their selection of Vinos de Pago.   This is a members only venue.

Colin and Sue have arranged that members can benefit from a 10% discount on B&B at nearby Hostal Loreto. Please call them on 96 643 5419 to book and mention the wine society. Please also remember that this will be Denia Fallas week so allow some extra time as parking may be limited.

The menu for the evening is:

Copa de bienvenida

Para compartir

Pan con tomate y “all i oli

Ensalada templada de bacalao

Magret de pato con compota de manzana

Canelón de rabo de toro con setas

Plato principal

Carrilera ibérica


Pescado con verduritas de temporada

Postre casero

Piña colada

Cost 30€ for members

Reservations and choice of main course please to: Penny Floodgate Tel 96 579 4996 or email   Reservations no later than the deadline 12.00 noon on Monday 14th March.  Cancellations and no shows after the deadline are liable for payment. Penny will always confirm your booking. If you do not receive confirmation from Penny then you are not booked in.     

LATE CANCELLATIONS AFTER THE MONDAY DEADLINE TO PENNY FLOODGATE Tel: 96 579 4996 or Penny’s email address ONLY AND NOT DIRECTLY TO THE RESTAURANT. Places will be allocated by a draw from the bag. Therefore there is no need for early arrival to secure your places.

DOORS WILL OPEN AT 19.30; this will allow the committee to arrange seating and tables.  Please do not arrive before this time as it makes it extremely difficult to set up the restaurant. We would rather you arrive late than early!

Look forward to seeing you at the next tasting and enjoying some excellent Vinos de Pago.

Best Regards,

John Sloggie