Newsletter August 2020

CBWS Autumn 2020

Dear All,

I hope this Newsletter finds you well and, wherever you are, adjusting to life having come through Lockdowns and new restrictions to the challenges of dealing with COVID 19.

As we begin to approach the last 4 months of this year I thought it appropriate to update you on how we plan to manage the Wine Society moving forward.

Zoom Meetings

Autumn 2020 will see us continuing with this different format on how we manage our tastings and your Committee have been looking at how we can develop interesting activities and enjoy our wine tasting and learning in ways which are both informative and enjoyable. Our thanks to Neville Richardson for sharing his considerable knowledge of wine with us which have contributed greatly to their success via Zoom over the early months of the year.

We will organise more Zoom meetings with a few adjustments to improve them for future tastings based on our experiences.

Around 22 members actively participated in these meetings. In view of our strong membership it’s probable that some people are reluctant to participate due to lack of computer skills and others are not interested. We intend to provide very simple guidelines to help those who might be hesitant to join in on these tastings.

September to December and possibly beyond

To ensure we all get maximum enjoyment from CBWS we have to allow for more flexibility as we face on-going social restrictions as the future is relatively unknown. We will continue to use the same dates for our tastings each month i.e. the 3rd Thursday of every month. The emphasis will be on a “no plan basis” as again, we may have the possibility of organising a venue depending upon the restrictions on numbers, which can change based on the current situation. However most people do not want to join in on large group gatherings and here in Spain currently the limit is a maximum of 10 people meeting in a group.

The top priority is to ensure personal safety for our members and in Spain the risk group is classified as a 60+ years age group which encompasses most of us!

From September onwards we will be planning Zoom Tastings and in our original programme for October we had included a visit from Eduard Morell and his father the owners of Vinyes del Terrer in Tarragona. You will recall we visited him on our 2017 Wine Trip and he subsequently came down to Denia to present his excellent wines.

I will try to organise a Zoom tasting with him and we will order the wines to be tasted so members based in Spain can participate. We would also ask those of you who cannot be in Spain, but would like to participate, to buy your own wines which ideally would be of the same grape varieties.

We think the reality will be an emphasis on Zoom tastings and interesting wine related topics that can be shared with you to ensure we stay in touch and enjoy our tastings albeit in a different format. We have various ideas to build upon in a proactive way, for example short wine related videos and news items to be sent out to members.  We really hope to see as many as possible of you on Zoom! Communicating together and enjoying good wines has been the success of CBWS since its foundation. If circumstances change then we will consider other options and will review these regularly.

We would also like to encourage members to meet together in groups of up to 10 in their own houses to enjoy structured wine tastings which you have arranged yourselves. This could then be recorded in photographs and a short write-up which could be posted on the CBWS website. Further details to follow.

Membership 2021

We are proposing to treat this year’s membership as your subscription to the full year of 2021 as we have only had 2 meetings in January and February of this year. We hope that you will continue your membership into next year.

Please complete the questionnaire at the bottom of this letter which will give us clarity regarding your intentions for next year.

Your committee have been working on your behalf during this year to ensure the continued success of the Wine Society and adapting to the changing situation.  We have also incurred costs on a tasting planned for last March by John Davis from London where a selection of different wines were purchased for his presentation and despite reorganising his talk for 3 different months this year he could not get to Spain. We have therefore planned this tasting for next year. The wines are good quality so will age well ready for when physical tastings are permitted.


QUESTIONNAIRE  (Please reply by Wednesday 26th August if possible. Thanks.) 


1.    Will you be renewing your membership for 2021?           Yes/No


2.    Would you like to participate in Zoom meetings?             Yes/No


3.    Would you like to receive instructions on how to participate in Zoom meetings?  Yes/No


4.    Would you like to participate in home tastings with local fellow members?   Yes/No


5.    If restrictions permit, would you attend a tasting in a restaurant between now and December     Yes/No


I hope the formatting comes out OK on your e mail.  Please return the completed questionnaire to our Secretary, Paul Smithard, by pressing ‘Reply’ to this e mail or by sending it to him at


On behalf of the Committee I wish you happy wine tasting in these summer months and look forward to seeing you during our autumn programme.

Best Regards,

Tim Fawle