Newsletter December 2020

Dear All,
As we approach Christmas, with mixed feelings as to how it will be celebrated this year, I would like to report that this month we had a thoroughly enjoyable Zoom tasting hosted by Neville Richardson in which 24 members and guests participated.
The tasting was very informative and revealed some interesting experiences pairing food with wine.
Each Zoom participant provided a dry white wine, a red and a sweet wine and were asked to buy Mature Cheese, Chorizo or Salami, Anchovies and Dark Chocolate.  To start the tasting each wine was tasted on its’ own to establish its’ characteristics. We then cleansed the palates with bread and a sip of water and then the cheese was tried with each wine and a discussion ensued as to what effect on the wine the cheese had. This was then repeated with the other foods. On certain pairings we all agreed on the good or bad aspects of combinations, confirming how tastes differ individually. I am not going to comment on the fine details but suggest that this festive season you experiment in your own home to see what conclusions you arrive at!
In December we are planning an end of year Zoom tasting for December 10 at 1900h CET. The topic will be “Introduce your favourite wine”. As we are approaching Christmas please bring a few mince pies or other festive food to the tasting. You may also like to try a wine that is recommended to be paired with these foods, you may be surprised! 
Those of us who have participated in these virtual tastings have all enjoyed some great wines as, of course, you would expect from members of CBWS! Please let me know if you would like to participate in the next tasting: and I will send you a Zoom invitation the week of the tasting.
Warmest wishes to everyone and Happy Christmas wherever you are!
Tim Fawle