Newsletter January 2015

CBWS February 2015 Newsletter

January Tasting

As an innovation, last year’s President, at the behest of Hugh and Gillian, organised a tasting called “Whose wine is it anyway?” It was based on the TV series Call My Bluff and was enjoyed to the extent that I decided we should have a repeat this year. Again the event was held in Restaurant La Senia and 53 members and 4 guests tasted five wines each of which was presented by three members: my wife Caryl, Mary Anderton and John Sloggie. However only one of them was telling the truth about the wine we tasted and members had to decide which one was correct. Even the bluffers (except for Caryl) were unaware as to who was correct for Caryl and I had written their scripts and the wine bottles were covered as in a blind tasting. Once uncovered and the truth revealed, each wine was scored in the normal way by members. Before this was done, members were asked which they thought was the correct wine. No one got all five right, but about half a dozen members achieved four out of the five. For a full report on the tasting, see the society web site under the heading Recent Tastings.

February tasting and AGM

The February tasting and Annual General Meeting will take place on the 19th of February at Café del Mar in Moraira. This is a member’s only for the AGM; however guests may be invited for the tasting which takes place next door at The Asadora Salamandra, which is under the same ownership. The first call for the AGM will be at 18.00 hrs and the second call at 18.30 hrs when the meeting will start promptly. During the AGM I will be handing over to the new President who will present his personal choice of wine for the tasting, which will commence after the AGM at about 19.30 with aperitifs followed by the tasting at 20.00 hrs.

The Agenda for the AGM is attached to the Newsletter as a separate page for member’s information and can be printed and brought along on the night at your convenience.
In addition I wish to remind all members that the Minutes for last year’s AGM have been on the website for about 11 months, should you wish to refer to them prior to this one.
We are creating a new role of Membership Secretary and are looking for a Volunteer.
The job requires you to keep an up- to-date membership list communicating by email all changes to the Treasurer and Secretary and collect annual subscriptions.
The success of our Society depends on the help we get and sharing duties such as volunteering for this new role will be a great help to us
Please contact James our Secretary or Tim at email to offer your help.

I have been requested by Gillian and Hugh to advise that the restaurant has very large windows and as such, if the night is cold, then ladies might be advised to bring wraps.

The menu for the evening is:

Aperitivo de la casa

Entrantes (para compartir)
• Ensalada de queso de cabra con frutos secos, cebolla caramelizada y tosta de pan casero
• Carpaccio de ternera con laminas de parmesano
• Parrillada de verduras con aceite de hierbas
• Calamar de la bahia a la parrilla con vinagreta de su tinta

Segundos (To choose)
• Chuletas de cordero a la brasa
• Dorada a la brasa
Members are advised that since Penny is away from the 5th to 9th of February, she may not be able to confirm your reservation as promptly as normal, but be patient and if no confirmation is received by the 12th, then give her a ring or email again.

Reservations and Choice of Main Course, please to: PENNY FLOODGATE Tel. 965794996 or email
Reservations no later than the deadline 12.00 noon on Monday 16th February cancellations and no shows after the deadline are liable for payment. Penny will always confirm your booking. If you do not receive confirmation from Penny then you are not booked in.
LATE CANCELLATIONS AFTER THE MONDAY DEADLINE TO PENNY FLOODGATE Tel: 965794996 or Penny’s email address ONLY AND NOT DIRECTLY TO THE RESTAURANT. Places will be allocated by a draw from the bag; therefore there is no need for early arrival to secure your places if you do not attend the AGM, which I hope will not be the case.

I look forward to seeing many of you at this AGM and Tasting in my new capacity as an ‘ordinary’ member after the February meeting.
Thank you for your very kind support over the last 12 months.

Kind Regards,
Gordon Sellars