Newsletter June 2020

Dear Members,

Time flies and it is amazing that from February until June, as a Society, we have not met up for a tasting!
I hope that everyone is well and managing the Lockdown wherever you are.
There is no doubt that the Covid 19 challenge has made us re -evaluate and adjust our lifestyles accordingly. Fortunately wine tasting has generally continued if not increased!
Using good communication technology we have been able to organise 5 online tastings with those members interested in participating.
Neville Richardson has been a key player in managing these tastings which consisted of drinking 2 wines, either white, cava and reds comparing  the different grape varieties and guiding us through the characteristics of each grape.  Everyone who joined these tastings commented that they thoroughly enjoyed Neville’s interesting talks as well as the wine! So a big THANK YOU Neville.
As we move into the summer months for sure your own wine tasting will continue and we are seeing here in Spain some excellent offers with many bodegas reaching out to supply their wines direct on line with some aggressive pricing.  As the hospitality sector has been drastically affected through closures wine producers are anxious to clear their current stocks in preparation for what looks to be a promising harvest year here in Spain. For sure the same is happening in the UK and other countries.
As for the autumn we have yet to decide when we can safely meet up so will we monitor the situation accordingly and let you know.
In the meantime on behalf of your committee I wish you a happy and safe summer of wine tasting!
Best Regards,

Members enjoying a virtual wine tasting