Newsletter March 2015

March 2015 

February Tasting

Our first tasting with the newly elected Committee and President was held at the Restaurant Salamandra in Moraira, a new venue for the Society, and followed immediately on from the Annual General Meeting.   As is customary, the new President presents his personal wine selection at this tasting and I chose to present my choice of wines as a blind tasting and also encouraged members to make use of the second glass on the table to save some of the previously tasted wine to compare with the next one. By making a comparison it not only enables members to decide which wine is better but can influence the scoring.

Before starting the tasting I shared some interesting facts on the latest trends in Wine Production in the Spanish wine market and explained that during the tasting I would comment on current changes affecting this market.   I also punctuated the tasting of the wines throughout the evening with further facts and figures about wines, wine drinking cultures and habits, consumption and tastes

We tasted 5 wines, all from different regions and different grape varieties.  Full details are on the Society’s web site  For interest, this is how you scored the wines and I think that by making it a Blind Tasting and not always putting the most expensive wines last, we have seen a few surprises!

Wines tasted  Prices Avge. Points
  1.      Mantel Blanco 2013- Sauvignon Blanc  €8.25 86.1
  2.      Castell de Raimat 2014- Chardonnay  €6.09 82.4
3.      Binigrau 2011- Mantonegro/Merlot  €16.04 85.4
  4.      La Planta 2013- Tempranillo  €7.95 86.4
  5.      El Regajal Selección Especial 2013 Temp/Syrah/Cab  Sav/ Merlot €13.31 88.2

The third wine, Binigrau from Mallorca and the fifth wine, El Regajal from Vinos de Madrid, were purchased direct from the Bodega.  I do have a small quantity of these wines, so if anyone is interested in purchasing some please contact me at

Members enjoyed a convivial evening, although there were aspects regarding acoustics and food that will make us re-evaluate this as a future venue for the Society.

The wine Trip 

Details of the wine trip, which is currently fully subscribed, have been finalised and the cost is as forecast, that is 440€ per person.   The final balance is payable by 6th April.   Members who are signed up for the trip will be contacted directly by the Wine Team

Scores for Marking

Given the unusual situation of having five winners last year for the Wine Taster of the Year award, all of whom scored 100%, the committee have decided that members will only score one point if their marking falls within 4 points of the average score, as opposed to the 5 points previously used.   This ruling has been applied with effect from the February Wine tasting.   For details of how the scoring works, see Scoring System on the Society’s web page.

March Tasting

The March tasting will take place on 19th March at the Marriott Hotel, La Sella, Denia and will take the form of a wine tasting tutorial for new members and a refresher for the old hands.   The tutorial will be undertaken by Gaby Ferenczy and myself and we will be supported by an oenologist from the Valencia region. VINOS Autóctones De España will be supplying the wines from various regions of Spain. This promises to be an interesting and fun evening, so please do try to attend.

The Menu for the evening is: 

 First courses to share:

Brick de berenjena a la miel

Chupa chup de queso de cabra y mermelada de tomate

Crema de Calabaza asada con crujiente de ibérico (en un pequeño consomé)

 Main course to select:

Lomo de dorada con crema de puerros y patatas al vapor


Entrecot a la pimienta con patata asada y verduras salteadas

 Postre del Chef

The cost is 30€ for members and 35€ for guests

Reservations and Choice of Main Course, please to: PENNY FLOODGATE  Tel. 965794996   or email   

Reservations no later than the deadline 12.00 noon on Monday 16th March, cancellations and no shows after the deadline are liable for payment. Penny will always confirm your booking. If you do not receive confirmation from Penny then you are not booked in.     

LATE CANCELLATIONS AFTER THE MONDAY DEADLINE TO PENNY FLOODGATE Tel: 965794996 or Penny’s email address ONLY AND NOT DIRECTLY TO THE RESTAURANT. Places will be allocated by a draw from the bag. Therefore there is no need for early arrival to secure your places.

THE DOORS WILL OPEN AT 19.30.  This will allow the committee to arrange seating and tables.

I look forward to seeing you at the next tasting

Best Wishes

Tim Fawle