Newsletter November 2020

Dear All,
I hope this Newsletter finds you well and enjoying nice wines wherever you are!
As November is here it is time to update you on our planned activity this month. We originally planned to organise another At Home Tasting with a designated theme for those participants. Due to new Covid 19 restrictions in the Communidad de Valencia the number of participants which were allowed “at home” was reduced from 10 to 6 people. As a result we cancelled this event which was disappointing but we plan to continue with this when restrictions are eased.
Zoom Tasting with Vinyes del Terrer

Zoom Tasting with Vinyes del Terrer

We are however organising an interesting Zoom Tasting which will again be hosted by Neville Richardson on Thursday November 19 at 1900h. As many members are also in the UK and other countries we would really like to  welcome you to join in on this tasting.

The concept is “The impact of food on our wine tasting” Each participant will be asked to taste wine pre food and assess that wine. You will then be invited to try the food (small amounts of items such as cheese, chorizo,chocolate etc). and then comment on the same wine after a different food. The wine can be any popular grape variety that can be purchased in your country.
Please advise me if you would like to attend this tasting and I will arrange to send you an invitation. A full brief will be sent to you so you can plan your wines and purchase the food from the guidelines we will send you. If you would like to invite friends to this unique tasting then you are free to do so.
I know some of you have not participated in a CBWS Zoom tasting but I really do encourage you to do so, not only to enjoy this unique tasting but also to see some of your fellow members.
Look forward to hearing from you and above all STAY SAFE.
Best Regards,