Tasting 17 October 2019 – Restaurante Punta Negra at Las Rotas, Denia

63 Members and guests gathered at this beautiful and popular Denia location on this warm October night.

Las Rotas October 2019

In the absence of President Maureen Holliday, Vice President Tim Fawle introduced the guest presenter Rafa Poveda. Those members that went on the Autumn 2018 wine trip will remember the charismatic Rafa! Rafa is one of the directors of the Southern Alicante MG Wine Group which is an innovative independent group of wine makes who share a passion for wine making and knowledge of viticulture. Wine making is in Rafa’s blood as his great grandfather, grandfather were all in the business.

Rafa treated us some of the best wines from the MG bodegas. A feast of wonderful wines to accompany delicious food.





Mustigillo October 2019

Monovar Riesling

RIESLING 2008 (Bodegas Monóvar MG Wines) 4,75€

This wine may appear a little surprising, the Riesling grape is more commonly found in norther Europe or South Africa areas but here is this grape variety growing in the Alicante region! The initial vines were planted in 1989. Harvesting is done during the last days of August. The development of the Riesling has come a long way from the fruity sweet wine of the past. Picking in late August prevents grape becoming too sweet so the wine is a delicious white wine, not too sweet but packed with flavour.  This wine should not be kept but drunk within a year of production.

Appearance.  Pale and bright yellow or golden white.

Nose. Fragrant white flowers, laurel and green apples.

                     Palette. Dry, fruity with light subtle notes.

Alagu Rose

ALAGU ROSE FORCALLAT 2018 (Bodegas Casa Corredor MG Wines) 10.50€

A rosé from D.O. Alicante. Made from 100% Frocallat RED grape grown only in the Murcia, Alicante region. Manuel Harvest mid October when the grapes are still a little green resulting radical activity, fresh on the palette. Stemmed whole grape, direct press, in cold temperatures for 24 hours. Fermented in steel tanks with Utóctona yeast with controlled temperatures.

Appearance. Pale clear, onion skin colour.

Nose. Elegant fresh nose, floral and red fruit.

Palette. Light, fresh, with a good acidity balance and persistence.

This wine may appear expensive for Rosé but only 16,000 bottles are made a year but it is still a wonderful swimming pool wine!


Adaras Huella

ADARAS HUELLA GARNACHA TINTORERA 2017 (Bodegas Venta La Vega MG Wines) 6.50€

Huella means fingerprints so here we have a distinctive label! The use of both the skin and inside of this Granacha grape results in a rich double strength of colour. This 2017 vintage was aged for 8 months in new French oak. A young wine for young people!!

Appearance.Intense red colour with purple edges.

Nose. Fresh and floral red fruits, salty sweet spices

Palette. Good tannins. Long fruity finish.


Puerto Salinea

PUERTO SALINAS TINTO 2011 (Bodegas Sierra Salinas MG Wines 11,50€

85% Monestrelle grapes this is a popular grape grown in the Alicante/Valencia region. These vines are 100 years old and grown on the top of 2 valleys. The production is 1 kilo per vine. The wine is aged for 1 year to 36 months in Burgundy French new oak then 18months horizontal storage to produce this premier wine. The bottle shape is interesting as it is a Bordeaux shape bottle but with bigger shoulders.

Appearance. Dark rich red, intense dark cherry.

Nose. Ripe black fruits with balanced spices.

Palette. Good balance of acidity and tannins. Big flavours and powerful taste that lasts.




This wonderful wine isn’t a fortified wine but a brother of sherry and port. These wines were an 17th century English invention and always found near a sea port. Fondillion is made of Monestrelle grapes and harvested around 1stNovember when there is less water in the grape and there is a more intense sugar content. Only the best quality of over ripped grapes are hand picked. This wine has a high alcohol content of 16% to 16.5%  it is not fortified but a result of natural fermentation. It is racked and aged in 1,730 litre barrels of old American oak. It is oxidised after 20 years to create a wonderful warm amber colour, a delicious tasting nectar

Appearance. Warm rich amble/caramel colour.

Nose. Hints of caramel, fig, raisin.

Palette. Not too sweet but fine full rich tastes that lasts. Perfect to accompany Christmas pudding or a slice of Christmas cake!

The Fondillion was a wonderful way to end a fabulous tasing by the informative and entertaining Rafa. Rafa told us that MG Wines sell to most UK supermarkets ie Tesco and under Limited Edition Label in Sainsbury’s and M&S offer some more expensive of the groups wines.

Tim ended the evening by thanking Rafa for offering us such a delicious sample of the fabulous wines from the MG Wines Group.

All wines can be bought direct from the Bodega but may be purchased locally from the usual outlets. Rafa told us that if we fancied any Fondillon for Christmas or any other times of the year the best place to buy it is on Amazon!!


Participant ratings out of 100

Reisling, Monovar 2018 €4.75 81.7
Alagú Rose Forcallet 2018 €10.50 85.2
Adaras Huella  2017 €6.50 84.0
Puerto Salinas Tinto 2011 €11.50 87.8
Fondillón 1996     €58.00 87.3

Las Rotas October 2019 Las Rotas October 2019





Text: Netty Sayers Photos: Martin Bentley with thanks