Tasting 20 February 2020 – Restaurante La Senia, Denia

Enqrique being welcomed by Malcolm

50 Members and 12 Guests plus 2 speakers enjoyed an interesting presentation by Enrique Garcia, Sommelier of the Michelin two star restaurant Bon Amb, Javea. He presented 5 wines from among the 1,500 bottles in cellar of Bon Amb.

As Maître / Sommelier,Enrique has worked in some of the leading  restaurants and hotels in our area, like the Swiss Hotel, Villa Mediterránea, Ca Pepe, Club Náutico Moraira, Castell de La Solana, El Pegolí, etc…

Note: We have inserted below the prices we have found from online sellers, to which transport might have to be added.


WINE 1 Paloma Minguez Espumosa. DO Utiel/ Requena. 80% Macabeo/20% Chardonnay. Alcohol11%                 8.25€- 11.75€

Appearance: Yellow, with greenish notes and fine, small bubbles.

Nose: White fruits (Apple and pear), hint of citric fruit and flowers.

Taste: Fresh, floral, slightly acid and long aftertaste.

WINE 2 Cañada Paris white 2017. Bodegas Baldovar DO Valencia. Mersequera 100%. Alcohol 11.5%                        12.50€

One third of time in each of: Stainless Steel, Amphorae and French oak barrels. Grown at about 1,000m altitude. Production 5,000 bottles.

Appearance: Clear light yellow

Nose:Intense aroma of white and yellow fruit.

Taste:Fresh and lively. Floral, fruity and very mineral taste with a degree of acidity and delicious persistence.

WINE 3 Les Prunes Rosado.Les Filles de Amalia, Celler de Roure. DO Valencia. 100% Tinto Mando.  Alcohol 11.5%.              10.30€-11.00€

The label says “Blanc de Mandó” because it is made as a white wine with red grapes. It says “Vi verge” because it is not pressed and it says “Rosat” because it turns out that this white wine is pink. Fermentation starts in stainless steel and ages for 6 months in buried 2,880 litre clay jars.

Appearance: Pale rose

Nose: Fresh red fruit

Taste: Fresh with a delicate flavour of wild plum that has not ripened.


WINE 4: Nodus- Summun Tinto Reserva 2016. Finca El Renegado.DO Utiel-Requena 14%.Production 6,000 bottles.                   9.90€

The potency of the Tempranillo, the roundness of the Merlot and the character of the Cabernet Sauvignon have been perfectly blended to make this exceptional wine. 14 month in French oak.

Appearance: Garnet red wine with tile tones

Nose: clean aroma with notes of spices, smoked and ripe pepper

Taste: velvety and round taste with long permanence in the mouth.


WINE 5.Rodriguez y Sanzo Tinto 2017, Bodegas Rodriguez Sanzo. DO Toro. 100% Tempranillo. 14.5%.Production 3,000 bottles.   22€-30€

The grapes are harvested in boxes. Aged in old whiskey barrels for 18 months. Whiskey removes much of the tannin from the new barrel, so the barrels do not harden the wine and allows long aging. The trace of whiskey in the barrel adds a delicious complexity to the wine.

Appearance: Deep, rich red.

Nose:Very aromatic with hints of ripe black fruit, spices and chocolate.

Taste: Well-structured with very fatty, sweet tannins. Plenty of body and a fine finish.

Rod Anderton gave an interesting Vote of Thanks to Enrique.

Average points awarded by attendees:

1       Paloma Minguez Espumosa                     82.1

2       2017 Cañada Paris                                  80.3

3       2018 Les Filles de Amalia Les Prunes      83.8

4       2016 Summun Nodus                               86.8

5       2017 Rodriguez y Sanzo Tinto                  89.3








With thanks to Tony & Cherry Cabban for text and images and Malcom Baker for images