Tasting 8th December 2016 – Restaurante Nau Nau – Jávea

8-ws_cnj_081216It was my great pleasure to welcome 54 members to our Christmas tasting at the Restaurante Nau Nau in the Javea Sailing Club. This was a new venue for the club and was enjoyed for it’s lovely cosy atmosphere and excellent food.

The final meeting of the Society each year is traditionally not a tasting but a Christmas celebration during which good food and wine is enjoyed, but not marked, in a party atmosphere. For that reason, I vowed to keep my comments on the wines very brief.


The first wine was Anima  de Raimat Blanco 2015. This is a wine made by wineries RAIMAT (Codorniu Group) in the DO of Costers del Sagre. It is made with Chardonnay, Xarel.lo and Albariño grapes. 

The second was was a Rosado –  Nicte Prieto Picudo 2015. This wine is made from the variety Prieto Picudo by Bodegas Avelino Vega in the south of Leon. The production is just 6000 bottles.                     

a reflection on the success of the evening

a reflection on the success of the evening

The third wine, just for a bit of fun,  was tasted blind and members were asked to guess the wine and it’s origin. The closest we got to the truth was from a table with at least two Past Presidents who pronounced the wine to be shiraz from the region of Aldi. They were not able to specify which branch of Aldi! The wine was in fact 100% Gamay, produced in the North of Cotes du Rhone and was the seasonal Beaujolais Primeur.  This wine was very divisive with some members enjoying it, others hating but very few in the middle.

The final wine was Bassus Pinot Noir from Bodegas HispanoSuizas which we tasted on the October 2015 wine trip. Unusually when the grapes are harvested they are frozen for three days before the fermentation process start.

Special presentations

I took the opportunity to present bottles of wine to 5 people who had attended all 10 tastings in 2016 Colin and Sue Donadio, Tim and Sandy Fawle and Renata Pluis.

Winner Keith Pacey receiving his prize

Winner Keith Pacey receiving his prize

Runners up, Ted and Renate

Runners up, Ted and Renate

Wine Taster of the Year Winner and runners up

This year’s Wine Taster of the Year was won by Keith Pacey with a hard to beat 100%. He was presented with a trio of wines. Joint runners up were Renate Pluis and Ted Floodgate with 98%. Sharing third place were Andrew Johnson and Pat Pacey both with 97%. Congratulations to these members who once again have demonstrated their wine tasting skills. The runners up and third place members were also presented with gifts of wine.

Paul Nicholls rounded off the evening with a warm vote of thanks to me and to Shirley. There was a lot of noise, a lot of happy faces and I think the evening was considered a success

Next Tasting

The next tasting is on Thursday January 19th at La Senia in Denia. This tasting will be preceded at 6.30pm by our AGM.

Members enjoying the evening 
Text by John Sloggie, photos by Gillian and Hugh Epsom                                                                                                                                                                          December 2016