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Tasting Report December 2023

Tasting Report December  2023

We did not receive the normal report for this event so it is published as supplied by Tim Fawle.

Our December tasting is traditionally hosted by the President who has chosen the wines. We had 57 members due to attend this tasting but unfortunately several members were unable to participate due to illness issues.

However, 49 members attended in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere at A Bordo Club Nautica, Javea There was no formal wine scoring and the wines selected were some that we had tasted before and some of the President’s favourites.  There was also an interesting wine activity that was hosted by Sandy Fawle throughout the evening which ensured that every table participated to test their wine knowledge. The  winning tables received a prize of a bottle of wine.

Costa Blanca Wine Society, December 7, 2023, 

President’s Christmas Tasting     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Penin Points

  1. Terras do Cigarrón 2022, DO Monterrei                                              90

100% Godello                                   Supercor                  €9.40              

  1. Nodus Chardonnay 2022, Bodega Nodus                                          89        

100%  Chardonnay.                         Bodega Blasco       €13.90

3. Abadia 2021, Bodega Raimat,                                   87

Cabernet Sauvignon/ Tempranillo

Supercor                  €7.45

4. Viña Albina Reserva 2019, Bodegas Riojanas. DO Rioja               89


                                                            Supercor                 €13.50

5. Caliza 2016,  Marqués de Griñon,                        90

 SyrahPetit Veredot/Graciano

                                                            Supercor                  €11.55