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Tasting September 2023

CBWS Tasting held on 21/09/2023 at Jesus Pobre Riurau and attended by 61 members and guests

Theme: Can you taste the flavour of the grapes in the wine? A tasting of local wines and a meal of local, traditional products. Presented by Santi Signes,Tony Cabban, Rodolfo Valiente, Andreu Costa 

 Renaix la Passió, Moscatel D.O. Alicante, 2022 13% Bodegas Riko. €9

This wine is from Jalon, it is made a naturally as possible with native yeasts and does not spend any time in a barrel and it is not fermented on the lees.In the mouth, a fine and elegant wine, with a medium volume and long persistence with a pleasant bitter finish characteristic of Moscatel.

Marmún 2022 13%. Moscatel de Alejandría de D.O.Alicante/ Utiel Requena €9

Moscatel de Alejandria D.O.Alicante and Moscatel de grano pequeño D.O Utiel Requena, both wines are produced entirely separately and then mixed together in 70% & 30% proportions. An interesting wine appealing more to the younger market.

DotzeCeps 2022 Moscatel Naranja “Brisat”. Moscatel de Alejandria 13.5% €9

A wine still in development, slightly sweet. In the very old fashioned orange style but served unfiltered which is what young people are now asking for.

Giro de Gerra 2020   D.O.Alicante. 13.5%.  €13

Fermented in Amphorae of about 200 litres, no barrels used, and the result is a light and suave wine. 

Pasmonte 2020 Garnacha tintorera 14.5% a Vino de pago. €10

Intense color.Taste, abundant fruit character of red and black plums.A well-balanced, structured wine with an enveloping finish.

Caprasia 2020, Bobal, D.O Utiel Requena Bodega Vegafalo 14.5%. €16.50

This Bobal wine is matured in a combination of Amphoras and oak barrels.Dark cherry color.Intense aroma.,prominence of ripe black fruits.In the mouth it is meaty, medium-bodied, fills the palate, fresh, tasty, fruity and persistent.

An atmospheric location. A combination of Spanish History, Tradition, Cuisine and different wines tasted with their grapes. The wine were a mixture of traditional and modern, challenging some palates.

Tony & Cherry Cabban